Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Often, my Sunday afternoons consist mostly of sitting at the computer: surfing the Internet, reading news or e-mail.

But today, I got bored after a couple of hours. It was a strange feeling. I reloaded my friends list a couple of times but then felt that there wasn't much more I could do there. (The fact that I no longer read Usenet and have the Conlang mailing list set to NOMAIL also help, since those two things used to suck up quite a bit of time.)

Instead, I went ahead and read the Calvin and Hobbes book I got from Sonja today. It's There's Treasure Everywhere and it was pretty good. Especially towards the end there were a couple of strips that had me laughing.

And I go over to hug Stella every now and then. And now I'm reading documentation for NASM, which was in a random binder I pulled off my shelf. Bizarre.

Hope all of you are having a nice day :)
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