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Birthday in different calendars

According to Wolfram|Alpha, I was born on:

  • Julian day number 2442368
  • 2 Kislev, 5735
  • 1 Dhu al-Qi'dah (Dhū al-Qiʿda), 1394
  • 4671年10月3日
  • 18 Zac 12 Chicchan

in the sign of Scorpio, together with Michelle Roark and Paul Scholes.

(I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of Bahá’í calendar and Chinese zodiac information in the output. Maybe I’ll have to fire up Kalendis at home and look.)

(Time passes…)

Having looked in Wikipedia, apparently, my Chinese zodiac animal is the Tiger (寅) and my element is Yang Wood (甲). The 10th month is month of the Pig (亥), and my birthday falls in the solar term 立冬 (lìdōng). And the birth hour falls under Dragon (辰). According to Kalendis, the day is 58/60 = Yin Metal (辛) Rooster (酉) (Wikipedia’s terms; Kalendis calls it “Gold Chicken”). And the lunar year is 4671 (Chinese/Vietnamese) / 2634 (Japanese) / 4307 (Korean), in cycle 78 (C/V).

Kalendis further says:

  • 20 November 1974 (Symmetry454: 4-5-4 week quarters)
  • 18 November 1974 (Symmetry010: 30-31-30 day quarters)
  • 1974 is the 216th year of the 7th 293-year cycle AD in the Symmetry calendars
  • ante diem III nonas November MMDCCXXVII AUC
  • 3 November 2727 AUC/1974 AD (Julian)
  • 1974 (2727 AUC) has Dominical Letter G
  • 2 Kislev 5735 is the 61st day of a 354-day year, in 16th year of a 19-year cycle
  • ISO date: 1974-W46-6
  • 374th year of 5th cycle AD (Gregorian)
  • = 131/13/13 = Jalál, 13 Qudrat, Bahí of váhid 7, kull-i-shay 1 (Glory day, 13th of Power, Luminous year of cycle 7, major 1)
  • Shanbeh, 25 Âbân 1353 PE (Persian calendar)
  • 20-36(06(01 (Yerm Lunar Calendar: cycle 20, yerm 36 of cycle, month 6 of 15, day 1) now you know!

(And I think it’s nifty that my birthday is 13/13 in the Bahá’í calendar. Schnapszahl!)

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