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Tooth 1, mouth 0

The crown of one of my teeth fell out while I was eating supper this evening. Of course, such things have to happen on Friday evenings.

Fortunately, it was only quarter to six—a quarter of an hour to go until those dentists close whose turn it is to stay open longer on Fridays.

So I called the central helpline and got a recording telling me which dentists in Hamburg are still open. None in Harburg, unfortunately, and the only one south of the Elbe was in Finkenwerder, about as far away as central Hamburg, or—with public transport—even further.

But I called a central Hamburg number to get some advice. She asked me how long it would take to get there and I said, at least half an hour, more like three-quarters, and she said she wasn’t going to wait that long.

But I could try to stick it back in with a bit of toothpaste for glue, and then come in first thing tomorrow morning—or if it’s not hurting, just leave it out and see her in the morning.

So, good thing that that dentist is on duty not only on Friday afternoon but also on Saturday, so I don’t have to wait till Monday. (Or go to the university hospital as I had to one night after all the dentists were closed.)

Now we shall have to wait and see. And I hope the tooth doesn’t fall out over night.

Incidentally, that tooth had been hurting when I pressed on it (e.g. when eating) for a couple of days anyway, so I had made an appointment with my regular dentist anyway (for the yearly check-up, and I was going to mention the tooth); when I visit this dentist tomorrow, I’ll ask her about the pain.

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