Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


As I was reading Anne of Green Gables, I came across the name “Priscilla Grant”.

I realised that my first impulse was to pronounce her family name /grænt/ (with the TRAP vowel), and I wondered why that should be, since I pronounce the verb /grɑːnt/ (with the BATH=PALM vowel).

A bit of thought made me realise that whenever it’s a family name, I’d use the TRAP vowel—even for RP speakers such as Hugh /grænt/ (who, I suppose when I think about it now, probably calls himself /grɑːnt/). Odd.

(In an SQL context, it’s BATH=PALM, because it’s obviously the verb. Similarly in “take something for granted” or the sentence adverbial(?) “granted”.)

Tags: language
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