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Goody two-shoes

Stella and I went shopping yesterday. My sandals have been broken for quite a while now; they have a little air pocket underneath the heel whose cover was broken, and the plastic edges squeak every time they move against one another when I tred on that foot.

We first went to where I bought the sandals I had, hoping to buy the same model again since I knew I liked it (which would save my having to try out different kinds until I found one which fit well, was comfortable, and looked good—I hate shopping for shoes and clothing). However, they didn't seem to have that model this year; darn fashions.

We next looked through several other shoe shops in Harburg and finally found a pair of sandals which seemed good; they're "ecco" brand, of which I had tried on a pair in the first shoe shop we visited. Those didn't fit me but I liked the feel of the sole.

Stella also found a pair of shoes she liked and, more importantly, which she could put her orthopedic inserts (? - Einlagen) into. And they were fairly cheap so she could buy two pairs with the budget we had set aside for shoes.

Unfortunately, they only had one colour she wanted there, but the shop assistant looked in their computer and saw that the other colour was still available in another branch, and ordered them from there. They noted down our number and told us they'd call us back when the shoes arrived.

That turned out to be later on the same evening, so Stella and I went back into town to pick up the shoes.

Bottom line: one new pair of sandals for me, two new pairs of shoes for Stella, leaving us out around €170. Not too bad.

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