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Mozy destroying my Thunderbird message database

Probably indirectly—some time ago, it started complaining about not being able to back up open files, and apparently volume shadow copy had somehow become disabled for the C: drive.

I googled the problem and found a command-line invocation to re-enable it, but that didn’t seem to improve the problem. (The method on Mozy’s support knowledge base, which involved the GUI, didn’t work because I didn’t even see an option to enable volume shadow copies in the appropriate place: more borkage?)

Normally, the result is harmless: program X is running and Mozy can’t access its files.

But this morning, I had the opposite problem: Mozy was running a backup and I started Thunderbird, and Thunderbird couldn’t access its own files! Mozy was backing up the main Thunderbird message database, but I thought things should be fine. But I got a warning telling me the “security components could not be initialised” (or something like that), and then when it started downloading messages and tried to file them into a folder by rule, I got an error message for each message—fortunately, perhaps, because after three or four I knew something was badly wrong and could shut down the program.

Stopped the backup, opened Thunderbird again, and things seemed to be OK at first sight (except for the handful of messages still in the Inbox that hadn’t been auto-filed)—but in the newsgroup I had last been on, it prompted me to download thousands of new headers. Eh, what the heck, did so: and saw that all my starred messages there were gone. *$@#!%!!!

So Mozy has had its scheduled backups turned off for now, since I don’t want to run into that sort of thing again. For the time being, I’ll start the stupid thing manually after I’ve shut down other programs—not the way backup is supposed to work.

For all I know, it’s not directly Mozy’s fault but rather volume shadow copy service’s, but Mozy is where the problem is showing up and it’s easier to work around annoyances like this there.

Dude. Not the way I wanted to start a Monday morning. I’m not happy.


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