Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Jargon FTL

Just watching a “docu soap” where a policeman is telling some people to move their cars because they were parked somewhere they shouldn’t even have driven, and he tells them that the path to that location was marked with “ein 250er Schild” (a #250 sign).

Which seems rather pointless to me. I mean, a policeman might know that sign #250 is a red circle with a white centre (no vehicles of any kind allowed past this point), but I’m sure not one regular person in a hundred would know that.

Referring to it as a “Durchfahrt verboten” sign or even simply a “Verbotsschild” would have been more useful. But that use of jargon seemed… not just pointless, but possibly even counter-productive to me.

Disclaimer: I can imagine that I might be guilty of this as well with jargon in my field of expertise. Though I have the advantage of not having to deal with the “lay public” as much as the policeman.

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