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Fun with subtitles

I’m watching a film where occasionally, people are subtitled: typically because they speak with a strong accent (whether local speech or foreign accent), because of ambient noise, or because the sound quality is otherwise low.

Usually, of course, the subtitles represent what the people are saying, but occasionally, things are changed: especially with foreigners, grammar is corrected and the language is generally “cleaned up” a bit.

But today, a segment made me laugh: subtitles came on at one point because of sudden background noise (a train going past in the distance or something), but I could still make out the man’s words. So at one point he said, about two young women who had asked for a drink of water and whom he had suspected of trying to break into his neighbour’s house, “Und dann hab’ ich gesagt, die sollen sich verpissen, und, trinken, da hätten wir genug Wasserpfützen. So habe ich das also wortwörtlich formuliert.”… which, in the subtitles, turned into “Dann habe ich sie weggeschickt.”

Heh :)

Hm, and a bit later, one of the two policemen who had been talking with the witness earlier turned to the camera and commented:

Es gibt eine Volksgruppe, da sind auch die jungen Frauen sehr aktiv. Und die sehen nicht aus, wie man sich das so gemeinhin vorstellt – mit langen schwarzen Haaren und goldenen Ohrringen und langem Rock – sondern die sind ganz modisch gekleidet, wie Sie und jede andere Dame, und beim ersten Hinsehen fallen die nicht auf.

Aber das ist eine Volksgruppe, die tagsüber derartige Objekte angeht.

There’s an ethnic group where young women are already very active. And they don’t look the way people usually think—with long black hair and golden earrings and long skirts—; rather, they’re dressed very fashionably, just like you or any other woman, and they don’t look out of the ordinary at the first glance.

But that’s an ethnic group who approach buildings like these (? might also mean “who do things like these”) during the day.

He didn’t name any names, but I think most viewers will know what he likely referred to (that Wikipedia article has no interwiki links but this would be the English one, I’d say).

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