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Book of Mormon arrived: Persian, Hawaiian, Maori, Niuean

Today, four copies of the Book of Mormon arrived which will help me complete my collection. They're in Persian, Hawaiian, Maori, and Niuean. (Let me see, what would that be in the native language? فرسی, ko `ōlelo Hawai`i, te reo Māori, ko e vagahau Niuē?

The first three I won on eBay from a lady who sells the BoM in various languages in addition to other things; the fourth I asked her to add to the package since she was sending it anyway.

I've been wanting a copy of the BoM in Niuean for quite a while, ever since I started becoming interested in the language.

She could also help me get copies in various other Polynesian languages, which would be interesting for comparison purposes. I'll have to ask Sister Achterberg first, though, whether it's possible to order "exotic" languages through her as well, and whether that would be cheaper.

I'm a bit disappointed that the book in Niuean (which I glanced through briefly) doesn't use macrons to designate long vowels. While native speakers may know which is correct, I think it's part of the orthography (just as macrons should be used in Māori, or macrons and `okina in Hawai`ian).

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