Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Census meme

Or, where I lived in ten-year intervals.

2011 I'm living in a house that my wife and I own, with my wife and daughter, in a southern borough of Hamburg.

2001 I lived in a rented flat about 200m away from my current house, together with my wife.

1991 I lived with my parents and my three sisters in a house in a small sleeper town north-west of Hamburg. (Curiously enough, the layout of the house was very similar to that of the house I live in now.) My father still lives there now, with his current wife. I had a "room" of my own. (Really half a room: what had originally been the bedroom had been partitioned into two by the previous owners with a thin wall - I had one side and my oldest sister had the other side.)

1981 Same house - we had just moved into it a year ago. My mother was pregnant with my youngest sister. I shared the room that would later become mine with my second sister.

So, always in or around Hamburg. (I was born in Reinbek, not far east of Hamburg, and lived there until 1980.)

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