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Cc D. ee

In an attempt to understand the notation “Cc D. ee” on my blood donor pass (well, in one of them, but that’s a rant for another day; the other one has “”), I headed towards Wikipedia and found the article “Rh blood group system”; however, the notation there differed from what I saw.

Fortunately, the German article “Rhesusfaktor”, which was interwiki-linked from the English one, contained the same notation I found. And with the addition of the Wiener notation, I think I was able to convert: CcDdee = R1r = D+ C+ E- c+ e+ = DCe/dce.

And according to the English article, that group comprises about 32.7% of a sample taken of the UK population in 1948, and according to the German article, about 35.0% of the population of Germany (a plurality; the next most populous group is just over half that, with 18.5% - the situation seems to be similar with the UK sample).

So in other words: I have bog standard blood. Absolutely middle-of-the-road. And by my AB0 type (0+), that makes me one of 35% in Germany, nearly the largest group (only A+ is slightly larger, with 37%—interestingly enough, in the UK, the percentages are exactly reversed). So again, bog standard.

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