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Prednisone vs my nose, 2:2

Friday and Saturday evening, I used the prednisone spray my ENT doctor had prescribed for the first time. At first, I noticed no difference, but after about five minutes, my nose cleared up. However, the next morning it was stuffy again. Still, I hadn't expected it to last all night and into the beginning of the next day.

Last night, I tried it without the spray. Even though we had thrown out two pillows which had real feathers in them as well as all of our stuffed animals (Martin -- he of the userpic -- was most indignant) in an attempt to reduce allergens, my nose felt the same as always: mostly stuffed, occasionally clearing, usually only in one nostril. Have to see whether the health insurance will pay for two mattress covers (against mite droppings) and if so, what difference that'll make.

Oh, and the loratidine (known to some of you as Claritin) didn't seem to help all that much yesterday; my nose was still stuffy during the day. (Maybe it's good against irritated eyes or something, I don't know, but my most common hay-fever symptom is a blocked nose.) I'll have to talk to my ENT doctor about it when I see her again on Tuesday.
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