Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Martin as my brand

I wonder whether it’s possible to find out since when I’ve been using Martin as my default userpic on LiveJournal.

I think it’s the first userpic I uploaded, so it became my default then (and has stayed my default most of the time since then, with some interruptions). I’m less certain when this was, though; I know that at the beginning, I had no userpic at all. (And that I used to think 6 userpic slots would be more than enough for me; I now have around 100 or so, though I only regularly use a handful of them.) So I wonder when, exactly, it was that I uploaded him.

Because since then, I think he’s become a bit of my “Internet brand”: he’s my default LiveJournal userpic, my default Dreamwidth userpic, my Yahoo! login security seal picture, and my Gravatar. That’s also pretty much the reason I use him as my Google+ profile picture: because I think that people who know my through the Internet are very likely to recognise that profile as “the Philip Newton I know” (or possibly “the pne I know”) if they see that picture.

So if someone complained, I wonder whether saying that this picture is related to me (and only to me!) about as strongly as a photograph of my face, whether that would be true—I think so. (And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else use a picture of a green-yellow duck/platypus stuffed animal.)

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