Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Ikhaluit in the heuse

I’m listening to CFFB right now (CBC North Radio One, Iqaluit), in the hope of hearing some Inuktitut.

And indeed I already heard a bit; a mixture of central and regional programming, the former in Canadian English, the latter in a mixture of Inuktitut and (slightly-accented) English.

Two things I’ve noticed are that the -q- in Iqaluit seems to be a bit fricative, something like Iχaluit (presumably because of its intervocalic position?); and the pronunciation of -ou- in house and about, which sounds distinctively different to what I’m used to but which I’m not sure how to notate. (The first half of the diphthong sounds closer to schwa, though.)

…and I just noticed some French influence: French-accented English from some speakers, and French names pronounced in French rather than with an anglicised pronunciation.

Tags: inuktitut
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