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Kaspersky :-(

So I upgraded my Kaspersky Anti-Virus today because the license was about to run out (in a week or so).

And since the new license key wouldn’t work with my current software, I installed the new software as well.

And since then, things feel like molasses, especially browser start and Flash videos. Watching them full-screen just doesn’t work at all, and even watching them in a window, the video takes about five seconds to kick in, though the sound starts playing already. Even worse if you want to go back just a tad in a video: the sound picks up where you clicked but since the video takes a while to get going, you miss the bit you wanted to watch again.

I’m not particularly happy, and hope this’ll sort itself out.

Otherwise, I foresee some turning off of things in the future.

Edit: After a reboot, Flash videos seem usable again. Browser still seems a bit slow, though. Will have to keep an eye on things.

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