Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

More Anki: Teeline vs Braille

Two of my Anki decks are "Braille: English Grades 1 & 2" and "Teeline Shorthand Basics".

I know hardly any Teeline, especially abbreviations, but it's interesting that many of the single-letter abbreviations of Teeline are the same as in Braille (e.g. f = from, v = very).

No wonder, I suppose, since both want to represent the most common words that way.

Still, interesting how they differ (e.g. e = every in Braille but e = electric(ity) in Teeline, or k = knowledge in Braille but k = kind in Teeline). Or how Teeline sometimes betrays its origin in journalism, as with l = letter and p = page (l = like and p = person in Braille IIRC).

Tags: anki, braille, teeline
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