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Georgian and Armenian alphabets

So a while ago, I found some decks for the Georgian and Armenian alphabets on Anki.

Georgian is coming along OK, but Armenian is kicking my butt: I keep forgetting things and can't seem to remember the letters (plus they all seem to look the same!).

I wonder why the difference.

And looking back at the other writing systems I learned, it seems to me today that learning Cyrillic, Greek, and Hangeul were easy; I don't recall having had those problems with them. Even Arabic wasn't that bad. And I dimly recall having had to look up kana a lot when I was first learning them, but I don't think it was anything like Armenian is right now.

Heck, I'm also going through a Deseret Alphabet Anki deck and it's tough, but not as bad as Armenian.

Devanagari is also not that bad - I keep forgetting a third to a half, but the other ones are easy.

Perhaps I should put Armenian aside for a while. Or just practice the ones I knew reasonably well and then introduce others one by one? IDK.

Perhaps the fact that they're letters out of context makes it particularly hard? That I can't practice reading words written in those letters since I know no Armenian.

I'm also practising Zhuyin Fuhao (bopomofo) on Anki... I found one deck that just teaches the signs, and another that has all the possible syllables and asks you to transcribe them to Pinyin. I'm sure that the second one helps a lot because it means I see each sign much more often.

At first, I only recognised a few (from when I had learned bopomofo at school from a Chinese dictionary a friend had lent me), but now I can crank out those syllables like nobody's business. (FWIW, the hardest character to learn again was "ch". I kept forgetting that one the most. Next was "z".)

As for ASL fingerspelling, that also came back fairly well, except for D and F: I always get those two mixed up.

(I'm also practising English Braille with Anki. And Inuktitut syllabics. And Teeline basics. I guess I'm a masochist for having over a dozen simultaneous decks.)

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