Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

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Getting rid of stuff

We now have less stuff in our cellar!

…partly involuntarily.

There was a flea market in our neighbourhood where we sold some of the stuff that’s been lying around for years, and while I was looking for stuff to may sell, I also threw away a lot of old stuff I found (such as all the diskettes, which I can’t read anyway for want of a suitable drive—I even still found some 5¼" ones; I thought I had thrown all those away before!—as well as the cassette tapes I found, again for lack of a suitable “drive”: cassette player, in this case).

But some of the stuff we had to throw away was because mold had got into our cellar. Possibly from the torrential rain a short while ago, which soaked the backs and sides of some of the cardboard boxes closest to the walls and floor. Bummer about that.

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