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Funny coincidences when practising Klingon

The other day, while reviewing Klingon vocabulary in Anki, I had the two successive words tuv and SID... that is, "be patient (verb)" and "patient (noun)"! Not related semantically at all, but the fact that their English translation happens to contain the same word amused me much :)

Then this morning, while reviewing my "pIqaD syllables" deck (where I converted all the words in my Klingon dictionary to pIqaD in order to practise reading the script), I had two successive words 'ey and way. The only thing more amusing would have been if I had had 'em in the middle... it would have spelled A M Y :)

(The pIqaD syllables deck is strictly orthography-to-transliteration, regardless of the part of speech of the word or possible polysemy; those three words happen to have these possible translations: 'ey be good, tasty, delicious, harmonious; 'em (noun) behind, area behind, (verb) vomit); way The name of the sound /w/.)

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