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Harburg CouchSurfing meeting

I went to the Harburg CouchSurfing meeting this evening, and I’m glad I did!

We ended up being seven people: five locals and two visitors from Belgium. They were surfing at one of the attendees’ house and had decided to come along to the meeting, which was fun.

So we ended up speaking German, English, and French—mostly English, because that was the language we all spoke. Four people spoke German and five could speak French. And one of them even spoke some Greek!

Fun fun fun.

Oh, and one of the Belgian ladies wanted to know how to spell a German swearword, so we wrote it down for her. And taught her a couple of other German words. Her host gave her this, very typically German, word: Reinheitsgebot :). I offered, “Ich muss mal für kleine Mädchen”, which I think is cute, especially when it comes from a foreigner, and another user contributed krass.


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