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Goodbye, Swiss Cottage

The other day, I came across a web form that would let you enter just your UK postcode and it would try to pre-fill most of your address.

For a lark, I entered GL55 6HS, the postcode that my grandparents had for many years. But their house name isn't there any more :( I suppose some later occupant renamed it.

The road, Grevel Lane in Chipping Campden, still doesn't have any house numbers, so the postcode lookup just gave me list of house names (bit more than a dozen, I think) - but no Swiss Cottage. (There was a "Stella Maris", which rang a vague bell. A neighbour, presumably.)

It's been years since I was there last; I was a child at the time. So I'm not sure what it looked like or precisely where it was. But looking at Google Street View brought up what I think might have been it; unfortunately, the entrance is a bit off the main road and you can't see whether there's a sign with a house name on it from the Street View.

Ah well!

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