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While I was lying half-asleep in my bed this morning, I found myself idly wondering what a dysassembler might be (presumably in the computer world). I suppose it would be something that put things together, wrongly.

Funnily enough, I think that in Klingon, disassembler and dysassembler would be the same word (something like chenHa'moHwI'), since -Ha' carries both the connotations “undo” and “do wrongly”.

(Though the specific meaning tends to be lexicalised, or at least conventionalised, I think, depending on the specific verb; for example, yajHa' jatlhHa' are misinterpret; misspeak, say the wrong thing, using the “wrongly” meaning, from yaj jatlh understand; speak, say, while nobHa' nadHa' are give back; discommend, using the “undo” meaning, from nob nad give; commend, approve.)

Ooh, interestingly enough, the section on the use of -Ha' even includes an example based on chenHa'moH! There, chenHa'moHlaH is rendered it can destroy them, using the disassemble (rather than dysassemble) meaning. (The root is chen build up, take form, and the explanatory gloss in the text is it can cause them to undo their form.)

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