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Thank you, Amazon!

So I bought myself a new printer as a slightly early Christmas present (from Stella, too, since she contributed to it).

I had also ordered a USB cable from Amazon, which was suggested as a typical “customers who bought this [printer] also bought this [cable]” accompaniment. (Though I ended up buying the printer from a local dealer, they were out of the black ink cartridge, so I bought that and the cable on Amazon.)

It had a little gimmick: it would light up if it’s connected, so you could tell when it has power.

Unfortunately, it ended up being too short: 6 feet (1.8 m) is not enough to reach from my computer around my desk to where my printer sits against the wall.

So I went to return the thing… and Amazon offered to let me keep the item but get a refund anyway! So yay!

Perhaps it’ll come in handy at some point, or someone else might like it. Either way, I’ll get my money back.

That was nice of them!

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