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Something I learned about polls

If you want to see the results of a poll but don't want to fill it out, you can, of course, click on the poll title and then on "View Poll Results". However, that only gives the results to you once.

If you simply click on "Submit Poll", though, then LiveJournal will also remember that you have "filled out" the poll, and will thereafter show you the results. However, you won't show up in the answers specifically (which makes sense, since you haven't answered anything).

I can see how this is especially useful for people who make their own polls, but I've also used it in the past to see the results on my Friends page of a poll I had no particular opinion about—so I didn't want to fill it out, but neither did I want to see the checkboxes and entry fields starting at me from my Friends page each time.

Thanks for pthalogreen for pointing this out to me.

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