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Finished TKD in Anki!

So I’m using Anki to practise Klingon vocabulary (among other decks): I entered my Klingon word database into it, tagged with (among others) the source of the words.

That let me practise the words necessary for level 1 of the proficiency test first; I had seen all of them at least once by the time I went to the qepHom in November.

Then I started on the remaining words from The Klingon Dictionary, and I saw the last of those for the first time this morning.

So now I’ve seen all TKD words at least once in Anki—both ways, even (en–tlh and tlh–en)! From now on, it’s just review, review, review so that they’ll stick in my memory.

I still have a bunch of words hiding, though, and now I’m considering when to add them to my workload and in what order. I think I’ll pause on adding new words right now to consolidate the TKD ones a bit, but then the question is whether to enable all of the remaining ones at once (20 new words per day, in random order) or whether to continue sorting by priority (which would put words from Klingon for the Galactic Traveler first, then other words).

…though looking at my data, I guess I made that decision months ago :) I’ve been learning words in the order added, and did the randomising when I added them. So I guess I’ll keep that order, which will give KGT words in random order followed by newer words in random order. So the only remaining question is how long to pause before I’ll let them in.

Still, an accomplishment!

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