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So speaking with n_true made me consider going to an Esperanto meeting at some point to take part in a course and learn more and/or to have some opportunity to speak the language.

After all, I had found there that, despite never having spoken the language before, I was able to carry on a reasonable conversation with him, just based on what I had passively “assimilated” so far in reading here and there. (Eble mi ecx povas paroli esperanton pli bone ol la klingonan... versxajne pli rapide!)

So I had a look around and and picked out some likely-sounding venues. The following list is mostly for my own reference.

This is all just a pipe dream at the moment (especially given the costs), but who knows.

On the off-chance: is anyone on my friends list going to any of those conferences? Or have any stories to tell?

Perhaps it would make more sense to plan this sort of thing for 2013; after looking briefly at several sites, it would have been cheaper if I had applied before November.

Also, I think I’d need something more course-y; many of those meetings seem to be oriented towards fluent speakers with lots of mentions of prelegoj (Vorträge?) and discussion, which I don’t think I’d be up for yet.

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