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pne's Journal

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Philip Newton
16 November 1974
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I'm Philip Newton.

I'm a fan of conlangs and languages in general. I also like programming.

I created "kanjitheme", a mood theme based on Japanese characters/kanji, that you may have seen on other sites where it's available site-wide. If you have at least a Plus account, you can also create your own version of my kanjitheme; "kanjitheme" is available for download - see the entry in my journal for details. If you use it, do drop me a comment on that entry; it's always nice to see who likes my work!

Most of my entries are public, some are friends-only, and a few are filtered. If you want to see what filters you are on, visit http://pne.livejournal.com/2000/01/01/.

ObFriendsPolicy: You don't need to ask whether you can friend me; just go ahead and do it. If you wish, leave a comment on a recent journal entry saying so and/or introducing yourself. I may or may not friend you back. If you defriend me, I'd appreciate a note.

I try to read most of my friends' journals. This means that if I end up skipping most of yours, you may end up dropping off my friends list, since my friends list is mostly a watch-list and not so much a trust-list. However, since most of my entries are public, you can still read nearly everything if you're dropped. Please don't take it personally.

If you notice I've dropped you and you wish to continue reading friends-only entries of mine (and don't mind that I don't read your journal much, if at all), ask, and I might add you back but leave you off my Default View.

Stella and I have a daughter: Amy, born 6 September 2004.

Real-life contact info can be found in a friends-only post dated the day I was born; it's chronologically the first entry in my journal.

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